Wednesday, October 14, 2009

German Angora trivia stuff

I am enjoying the development of my newest litter. They are the first litter that I've had that is totally raised by the mother and she is doing a great job. This is her second litter, but the first one was a hybrid litter, and there were 3 of them. I suppose that was a learning litter! But she had sufficient instinct to use the nest box, and raised them all without any losses, and is likely raising this litter without any losses. One of the trickiest times for baby rabbits, I've found, is when they start eating pellets, and gradually weaning from mother's milk. In about 2 weeks I will do my first evaluation on the litter and sex them. They are a product of brother sister breeding so inbred this one generation, which would not be my first choice but I wanted to emphais the mother's line instead of the father's line so I chose the brother over the father for a stud. I really need to get an outside bloodline but so far it is not working out. I've had another doe Abby, who is the result of a brother sister breeding and she has been an excellent rabbit...great mothering ability, fertility, and high producing wool and the daughters I've kept from her have been as she is so milky that she is my main foster mother.
The mother of the new litter is just 13 months old so I consider she is doing an excellent job. This is a far cry from all my previous purebred German does, who either did not do the job right, in the birthing, in the mothering, in the milkiness, or got sick themselves and died before they could reproduce. I will definetly keep a doe from this litter. Next time I will talk about angora fiber. ( I hope).

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