Sunday, March 24, 2013

 The dyeing to the left is what I did for wild night which is below.
I used slate Blue for the blue on the left and Turquoise, and  Teal and Nautical Blue Pro chem dyes for the handspun yarns, and the rainbow dyed fabric was done with Magenta, Basic Blue and Sun Yellow

Below is my exercise on doing a wild sky for the course.  We were to utilize various colors and textures in our wild sky.  I named mine BIG SKY NIGHT and it will be a 12 x 12" wall hanging when finished.  I utilized all the dyed pieces to the left in this as well as other colors.
I was unable to complete them during the class but when they are done I will post them here.  If this has not locked me out again.
 The photo above was  an exercise in doing squares and I decided that if I was going to do that I would make an table runner and  add some flowers for interest and it is 52 inches long; I will complete it at my leisure as I have scrappy thurms
 This next photo is of my main project which is about 16 x 20" and is being made as a wall hanging.  I call it the OLD MORRIS MILL.  It is a an abandoned old mill that is located in the Tobacco Root mountains about 30-40 miles from home.  The design was taken from a photo I took
Here is some of the dyeing I did for the above hooked project

Wild with Wool

 I just completed a 5 week on line course from Deanne Fitzpatrick called WILD WITH WOOL.  It was very enjoyable and I will show a few shots of various things as a result of that class. Shown are some of the exercises that she had us do
First there were the stars and then second  was a lesson on movement and waves,  That little blue photo is supposed to be a vertical of the ocean or as much as I could make on a  6 x 6" piece.  Sorry it is horizontal but I do not know how to right it in this program. 

Hello again,
I haven't been here because Goggle has made it way difficult and I could not even get into it.  Finally with the help  of my husbands persistence and diligence I am back here at  least for now; there is a lot that is different about the site any more and I will a have to get used to it.    If this works I will be back and it it gets all screwed up again I have not got the patience to tackle it. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's been awhile

Since I was able to post on this blogsite.  I have been unable to access it and now we wonder if it is again working and if so then I will post more soon but for now this is just a test to see if it works.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here are the rugs

Now it time to start a new one

This is my latest creation, also designed by me.  It is called BEARLY  and  shows a mom Grizzley  and her two cubs strolling through the woods.  It was taken from photos of bears in Yellowstone, with the little cub facing you was seen at Hebgen Lake.  I made this for my granddaughter's graduation present.

Here is WHILE REINDEER SLEEP designed by me after I saw internet photos of a moose hitched up to haul logs in the north woods.  I figured if they could haul logs they could haul Santa

This rug is called 3 U's. It was done before Free Ride was started. I hooked the sheep fleece from locks of wool from my sheep so it shows the three colors we were growing at that time. The border was hooked with handspun yarn, and the white flowers were hooked from angora handspun yarns made from our rabbits

This little hooked mat is a design of Pearl McGown, but I did not want to do it in the traditional fine hooking manner so I did it my way.  Most of the wool fabric was hand dyed by me, and the whipping around the edge was done with hand dyed handspun yarn from my sheep.

This rug is Howard's Floral.  It is from an Emma Lou Lais pattern; I did it because I wanted to try a primitive, and wanted to try using a number 8 cut.  This is the result.

This rug is FREE RIDE.  I took the photo of this elk in Yellowstone Park one year and I had to incorporate him into a rug.  The ravens and the magpie were natural companions of the elk so I used them in the compostion as well...

This shows my Tara rug done for my perky little scotty dog.    It hangs in my studio,  This was  the very first hooked rug I did, about 4-5 years ago now.  The border was hooked with yarn and the interior was hooked with wool fabric.  This rug appeared in Rug Hookers Magazine under beginners rugs.  


I am going to add some of my rug hooking designs that I have completed so far, and some of my punch needle ones that are either completed or in progress so that folks who are interested can go to my secondary blog listed on the right as the Dragons lair to select and purchase those designs or just look at them if they like.

The above punch needle shows the day time version of While Reindeer Sleep in progress, still in the frame I work them on.

 This is a watercolor of a night time version of While Reindeer sleep. See my hooked rugs to see it done up on hooking
 The Ryeland sheep punch needle shown here gives you one idea of how it can be worked up.
The Pumpkin patch design worked in punch needle and framed up.