Thursday, November 20, 2008


This picture above of the sock blank after it has been of rainbow dyed. This will hopefully make
an interesting pair of socks. This was done with Pro-Chem's wash fast acid dyes using the colors
of boysenberry ( darkest value) Mulberry medium value) and buttercream ( lightest value). It
is drying on a sweater rack.

The photo top right is the whole of 5 batches I did for punch needle embroidery. The burgunday colored ones are two batches of rainbow dyed ones using the same colors as in the sock blank on the left. There are 3 seperate batches of 3 skeins each in solids also for PN.
The colors used were Prochem Avocado and Spiced Pumpkin but neither at full strength. The blue is Kiton Acid dye turquoise, again not full strength. some of these were heat set in the microwave, and some heat set in the oven at 350 degrees.


goldfishgirl said...

Love the sock blank, looks like it will knit up beautifully! I dyed a sock blank recently, they're lots of fun to knit :) - K

Barbara said...

Well Karen, I hope you are right. It seemed a bit wild to me, but knitting ought to change the look. This was a new venture for me. I made this one for a gift.