Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The photo to the right with the fawn color is made from handspun yarn. The white yarn is a wool angora blend yarn and the fawn yarn is made from Belgiun Terveren...or wool. this yarn was spun without carding or washing, but just by polucking from a bag, and teasing it as I spun in a loose semi worsted method; then two plied it. It is knit in all garter stitch

Below is another version of the earwarmer. The white wool is the wool/angora blend yarn and the top yarn is more textured and is made from nautural colored sheep wool. It was done using my version of tailspinning. I took a class in that but never did quite get the hang of it...nevertheless it made a textured interesting yarn.

The wool used was a Wensleydale cross. As you can see I made this one longer to cover more of the head. It's very warm.

The photo to the left is another version. The white wool is from my yarn that was made from Bluefaced leicester x Shetland sheep and blended with my white angora bunny wool. It's about a 70/30 blend. Very soft and lovely and warm. It is knit in garter stitch from a pattern in the Interweave book called Handspun, Handknit. On the color side the yarn used is scraps of my left over stash. The blue is blend of wool and silk noils, and the black is wool and mohair. Court has modeled all of them for me.

I made these as Christmas presents, and made about 8 of them

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